A Word About Fashion From The Girl Who Wears Flip Flops

Meme_S2E4_1Admittedly, what I know about fashion is not much. In fact, up until about 2 years ago, I sort of saw it as a nuisance. I was the girl who secretly envied Einstein for his choice to not deal with it by purchasing 5 of the exact same suits and essentially wearing the same thing every day. I was “busy” and if I’m really really honest, didn’t see the point in spending so much time on a pursuit I saw as shallow and meaningless.

But yet here we are, 2 years later, and I am about to leave for New York to attend the Women & Fashion FilmFest and She Webfest where, not one, but, two of the projects I’m involved with (Feathers and Toast & Velvet Karma) are being honored. And yes, you heard me correctly, its the Women & Fashion FilmFest. LOL.

How did that happen? Why did they let me, the imposter, in? Well, it all started with the influence of two very lovely ladies.

First there was our own Mhairi Morrison, who, through Tallulah, showed me repeatedly by example that fashion has the power to lift the spirits of not only yourself, but those around you. I have been a first hand witness to the countless joy that has been shared with perfect strangers simply because Mhairi is willing to take the time to pick out and then wear so many beautiful and bold hats.

And then second, I had the opportunity this past year to work closely with my dear friend, jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino. After witnessing the love and creativity Tarina puts into every piece she creates, my view on fashion changed forever.

Not only does Tarina care deeply about what she creates, she also cares about where she gets her materials (she opts to purchase top quality materials from local vendors), cares about her employees (who work directly with her at the Sparkle Factory), and most especially she cares about her customers, whom she genuinely wants to help feel beautiful by offering them a myriad of unique, and eye catching ways to express themselves.

Through Mhairi and Tarina I have learned that fashion can be fun, creative, conscious, giving and inspiring. I now understand that designers and fashion enthusiasts are fellow creatives like me, who are constantly looking for unique ways to express themselves and make the world a more inspiring place. And I have learned that my purchases are far more powerful than I had ever imagined, that where I put my money is essentially placing my vote towards which designers, corporations and practices I want to support. Shallow and meaningless? Not by a long shot.

Don’t get me wrong, I still walk into stores and panic, feeling a bit clueless about where to even begin. So many years of neglect do not get remedied over night. But I would classify myself now, as a student, eager and willing to learn about this thing called Fashion. I might even let go of a few of my flip flops. (But don’t tell Tallulah 🙂 )

Which leads me to…

Industry Tip #28

Always be open to learning new things. Inspiration can come from the places you’d least suspect.

In the next blog I will share more about some of our itinerary for our trip to NYC (Nov 12th – 14th) including which panels and screenings we will be attending at the Women & Fashion Film Fest, in case of any of you want to join us. We would love to see you there.

And without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a #TBT Tallulah Talks Back episode where Tallulah warns our viewers that she doesn’t want any of them wearing crocs while watching our show.

Season 2 Episode 4 teaser darling

Dear November-ers,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the fall leaves and such. This week I am afraid to say that I am ambushed totally caught unawares by a French scantily clad cancan dancer. If such an idea terrifies you then please proceed with this teaser with extreme caution.

Yours in neon feathered French feathers,



Season Two Episode Two

Dear Season 2 weekenders,

On the brink of all manner of seasonal snacks and whatnot, this weeks episode is all about cleansing your internal self pre potential pumpkin binge. There is also the somewhat unexpected return of Marge ….

Yours in Season 2 Feathers,



Season Two Episode One

Dear October weekenders,

Well darling, after weeks of preparing the moment is upon us. French feathered cancan dancers, a mime from Burbank, a slightly fat cat, a woman on the edge and a flip flop wearing Floridian producer join Diego and me for a jam packed season of melodramatic sandwiches and tips from the feathered HQ top.

Please ensure you have your appropriate feather boas at the ready and please make sure no crocs or flip flops are near your perfectly pedicured feet for this world wide premier.

Yours in excited Season 2 feathers,



Season 2 Teaser…

Dear autumnal weekenders,

Hope this finds you well post summertime hammocks, chilled cocktails and whatnot.I imagine by now that you are all dressed in orange and sipping pumpkin spiced drinks throughout the crisp days. We are excited to announce the release of season 2 of Feathers and Toast on October 18th and in the meantime to wet your feathered comedic appetite here is the officially official teaser.

We’d also like to invite you to our world premier at The Sunscreen Film Festival 10-12 October in Hermosa Beach, CA. We will be screening 2 episodes from the new season on Friday and tickets can be purchased HERE. We would love to see you and share a champagne cocktail in red carpeted celebration.

Yours in teaser feathers,



The Return of The Salmon Dance

Dear weekenders,

Hope this finds you well and relaxing somewhere suitably shady (in terms of out of direct sunlight darling, not in terms of possibly dangerous). This weeks return to the classics of Feathers and Toast sees us mastering the one legged swim and the importance of letting go when one cooks fish…and the unimportance of dicing an avocado.


Yours in miming-in-straw-boater-hat-feathers,


Tallulah Talks Back Episode 10

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope this finds you and yours extremely well and enjoying the seasonal springtime flowers and whatnot. Please take a moment with your elderflower cocktails and such to watch this weeks episode in which, darling, I make a world wide offer you may just find very extremely hard to refuse.

Yours in the joys of springtime feathers,