Without further ado another point about having good style darling. To watch the video please click HERE

2 thoughts on “Style

  1. Another great vlog Mhairi! So totally agree about confidence being huge to having a style and or to just wearing clothes better. It’s so true that a women with confidence can really wear just about anything and make a huge statement and presence. It helps if she is attractive… but even if she is not a classically beautiful woman people notice a confident woman who is comfortable in her skin. I am certain you rocked your LBD and red jacket and made a dashing entrance and more importantly you were comfortable and happy knowing you didn’t break the bank by trying to compete with the others! It is a good lesson to know what looks good on you and know when you look good! Lots of women who could wear more expensive things love to wear vintage too! Thanks again Mhairi… keep the vlogs coming… they are delightful!

    • Oh thank you so much for this Heidi! Yes one should never feel pressured to buy new things if one can’t afford it in order to keep up with The Joneses! Thats absolutely true. I believe whatever one wears if one is good in ones own skin thats whats important! Thank you for watching and for taking the time to comment here. I found the LBD from Cannes the other week in my wardrobe, talk about a good buy, 15 years later still have it…although not worn it for awhile! Have a great day!

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