Style Secrets

Style, darling, is an integral part of my life and show. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity and support of the talented local LA designers and stylists that keep a spring in my stylish step.


“Wearing a hat versus not wearing a hat is the difference between looking adequate and looking simply sensational darling.” –Tallulah Grace

Ep 4 thumb copyWandering around hatless is like wandering through life without a hope of success darling. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented milliner, SHURIE SOUTHCOTT of  LADY BIRDS HATBERDASHERY, for the last couple of years. If you want to up your head game I cannot recommend her work more. Here, have a peak here darling.









“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”  –Coco Chanel

hollyweb pearls copyCouldn’t agree more darling (see left) My friend TARINA TARANTINO not only has those ropes and ropes of pearls but she also sources from local artisans in downtown Los Angeles and handcrafts all her pieces which I absolutely love. One should support ones local designers, much in the same way as one peruses a farmers market; local is the way forward darling. Allow yourself to be entertained darling on her magical Aladdin’s cave of a site. One could disappear like Alice in Wonderful for a good hour or two.








“Dressing is a form of good manners.”  –Tom Ford

Coat Shareen copyWell darling that’s it in a nutshell. Well said Mr. Ford. Visiting SHAREEN VINTAGE is like Disneyland for anyone who has an inkling of style darling. When I first visited Shareen’s website I actually audibly gasped when I clicked on this coat (see left) If you think you handle this level of sensory pleasure and you find yourself in New York or Los Angeles you simply must go darling. In the meantime if you are looking for an opportunity to gasp look at her website.








“Handwritten letters will never go out of style.” –Tallulah Grace

ThanksCard_A copyTo me the time one takes to put pen to paper to craft a letter is time well spent darling. Much as one takes time to dress one should take time to write. It’s a dying art it seems, facing the same fate as the decent ribboned hat which is a tragedy and one worth trumpeting about and doing all one can to prevent from happening. In that vein I have created my own line of CARDS to inspire and such and can I urge you to take a moment to select a seriously decent pen with which to bang on through your card. You do not want to ruin the look by having a wild scroll with a common biro pen.