We are Expanding To Television!

mhairinhollyDear Feathers and Toast fans,

Mhairi and Holly here, the producers of Feathers and Toast, and we just wanted to take the time to send out a deep and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have watched our show and played along with us for the past 2 years on social media. Your constant encouragement and hilarious banter with “Tallulah” has meant way more to us than you will ever know, you have literally become part of our story and we really feel that it is because of you that we have entered a new phase in our shows development, the expansion to television.

Yes, you have heard correctly. We are currently in the process of making the leap to television by expanding Feathers and Toast into a 1/2 hour comedy that centers around the one and only Tallulah Grace and her rag tag crew (Diego, Holster & Marge) as she attempts to become as important as she is sure she was always destined to be.

Tallulah’s cooking show, “Feathers and Toast,” will still live on the web (and yes there will be future seasons) but now through the television show you will also get to peek inside her world “behind the scenes”. We are calling this new show Tallulah, Darling.

We’ve just completed a pilot script and started working with a lawyer, so will be quite busy over the next couple months shopping for the right production company to collaborate with but we didn’t want to leave you hanging in the process so we have decided to bring you along for the journey.

Starting this week we will begin a weekly Blog and Vlog to keep you entertained and in the know. Every Wednesday you can expect a Vlog from Mhairi where she will be sharing with you her own special brand of tips for how to create a life you love (and yes, you can expect more than a fair share of Tallulah-isms to pop out) and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays you will get a Blog from Holly where she shares real Behind The Scenes stories from the last 2 years of creating Feathers and Toast, along with industry insider tips for those who might be looking to create their own shows.

For those of you that don’t want to miss a second of the fun its probably best to officially SUBSCRIBE (there is a form to the right of this page and also at the bottom of our home page depending on where you are reading this from) and then you will receive our Blogs and Vlogs right to your inbox. And for those of you that simply don’t enjoy getting frequent emails (we totally understand) its probably best to UNSUBSCRIBE now. You will still be able to see our posts on Facebook and Twitter and can check in here on our website for some binge reading and watching whenever you like.

Mhairi continues to perform as Tallulah with Cabaret Versatile, hosting, miming, singing in French and making a ham sandwich live on stage in their monthly residency at the Sofitel hotel, Beverly Hills. So if you find yourself  in the area darling, please swing by to shake a cabaret tail feather and cocktail it up to the nines.

Again we just can’t thank you enough for being the amazing and supportive fans you have been and so look forward to sharing this next phase of the journey with you.

With love

Mhairi & Holly (aka Tallulah & Holster)