How to find your own unique style darling

Thanks to Frits @RareRepair for the question which led to this answer. Please comment or tweet if you have any questions you would like answered and thank you for watching.

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4 thoughts on “How to find your own unique style darling

    • Next time I see someone wandering around with the zoo on their head darling I’ll try and snap a discrete photo and send it to you straight away! standby….

  1. Great vlog Mhairi! Both you and Tallulah have exquisite senses of style for your personalities! Loved the three guiding principles of style! Chanel is classic good taste and makes all women look fabulous! Though it helps to have a vibrant and charismatic personality too! Your Grandmother sounds like a very wise and wonderful lady and it’s fun to know that you listen to her words of wisdom! Can tell you could bang on about style and it would be fun for Tallulah to do a bit more of that too in between everything else. You make any hat look that much more marvelous! Share your love of Audrey Hepburn she has and always will be a favorite!

    Thanks for sharing these fun style tips with us Mhairi! This is such fun to get to know Mhairi!

    Have a totally unrelated question to ask. How does Tallulah’s miming differ from Mhairi’s miming? 😉

    • Great question darling! Well Tallulah is a little more slap dash than Mhairi with her mime. Very interesting question as I host a cabaret here once a month as Tallulah. I open the show with a mime, and was doing it as Mhairi for the first few performances as its the top of the show and I hadn’t yet spoken as Tallulah and I wanted it to be done well. Anyway, the director and I discussed about doing the mime more as Tallulah and I did the last show and it really was different. Very interesting! Honestly, I think Tallulah is a little less precise with her movement and can’t really get away from herself in the mime if that makes sense. She retains her character in the mime and never really loses her personality in the movement, in her eyes. Its basically an extension of herself, through mime. Whereas if Mhairi were simply going to mime something it would be more neutral unless she was playing a different character who was miming something, if that makes any sense at all?! Its so hot here in LA at the moment, I fear my brain is being fried and a slight inability to be very articulate with this response! Please let me know if this makes any sense at all! X

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