The Scottish Mime and The Cabaret

Dear Tuesday morning-ers,

Hope this finds you amongst daffodils and such with a Springtime Spring in your step. I wanted to take a moment to invite you to the cabaret darling which features the Scottish Singing Mime, a ham sandwich and a feathered dance or two. So if you find yourself in Los Angeles on April 9th, or would like to book your transport to ensure your presence, please make arrangements now and purchase your tickets here

Yours in runaway with the cabaret feathers,


cabaret 2



Season 2 Episode 4 teaser darling

Dear November-ers,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the fall leaves and such. This week I am afraid to say that I am ambushed totally caught unawares by a French scantily clad cancan dancer. If such an idea terrifies you then please proceed with this teaser with extreme caution.

Yours in neon feathered French feathers,