Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Dear Monday morning-ers,

Hope this finds you in the midst of all manner of springtime activities such as skipping and lamb spotting. If you are looking for a distraction from your seasonal shenanigans then look no further than the screening of Feathers and Toast at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Thursday May 21st at 9.30pm. For tickets and further information please click here

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Hope to see you there darling and in the meantime wishing you the freshest of Springtime Weeks.

Yours in Springtime feathers,


A Feathered Invitation

Dear 2015 Spring time springers,

Hope this finds you well; full to the brim of 2015 vim and vigor. I wanted to invite you to watch Feathers and Toast on the big screen at a screening at Hollyweb Fest on Friday March 27th, if you fancy popcorn and feathers you can buy tickets here. We’ll also be at the ISA Awards on April 1st, where darling, I am nominated for an award and will also be presenting. There will be a whole shebang following the awards which you are invited to, would love to shake a feathered tail feather with you darling. If you’d like to come details are all here

In April I shall begin a monthly residency with the wonderful Cabaret Versatile, so if Edith Piaf and cancan dancing is up your street we open on April 9th at the Riviera31, Sofitel Beverly Hills.

In the meantime sending you a basketful of spring feathers and good wishes for 2015,


Press handout

Season 2 Episode 8 Grande Finale

Dear weekend-ers,

Well darling, thank you so much for watching the season with us. I’m sorry to say that this is our finale episode. In the wise words of someone  “all good things must come to an end” here we are darling…until next time. We shall rise again and be back darling like a feathered phoenix from the kitchen ashes and things, but in the meantime please sit back and enjoy the last 5 minute episode of the season. In the meantime we shall continue on the upwards #trending ladder so please follow us on twitter @feathersntoast FB  youtube

Thank you so much for watching, Happy Holidays darling one and all!

Yours in finale feathers,




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Season 2 Episode 8 teaser

Dear December-ers,

Hope this finds you well and fireside with snowflakes and things swirling past windows. Well darling, here we are at the finale of season 2. This little teaser will bring a dash of heartwarming-ness to warm the cockles of your wintery hearts. Yes darling its true, one can rise above a flip flop as it happens.


Yours in season finale teaser feathers,


CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Season 2 Episode 7

Dear Post Thanksgiving-ers,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying turkey sandwiches and plentiful slices of pie and such. Speaking of pie darling this weeks episode features the humble pie and the poached egg…as well as the return of Marge, the feathered cabaret dancer and the mime from Burbank.

Yours in humble pie feathers,



Season 2 Episode 7 teaser

Dear Thanksgiving-ers,

Hope this finds you well and baking pies and things. I am so thankful for so many wonderful things this year, family, friends, feather boas and Lulu, Holster and the nominations of Outstanding actress from LA Web fest and also for Diego who received Outstanding Cinematographer nominations…and for you for watching the show. Thank you so much. Champagne and things shall be sent out accordingly.

Have a wonderfully feathered day of turkey and things and hope you enjoy this teaser for Saturdays episode.

Yours in Thanksgiving Day feathers,



Season 2 Episode 6

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is it darling. The Left Handed Sandwich episode, which promises to rebalance your head and generally bring you into a calm, balanced state of mind. There’s a lot to be said for a little challenge when making a sandwich darling to be honest.


Yours in balanced feathers,


Season 2 Episode 5 Teaser

Dear darling,

Brace yourself for a dramatic turn in events this week. All I’ll say is that there is an authentic sandwich recipe from the 1920s and there is a can of tomato soup…and there is, to be honest, quite a lot of dramatic sadness and things.

Yours in melodramatic feathers,



Season 2 Episode 4 teaser darling

Dear November-ers,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the fall leaves and such. This week I am afraid to say that I am ambushed totally caught unawares by a French scantily clad cancan dancer. If such an idea terrifies you then please proceed with this teaser with extreme caution.

Yours in neon feathered French feathers,



Season Two Episode One

Dear October weekenders,

Well darling, after weeks of preparing the moment is upon us. French feathered cancan dancers, a mime from Burbank, a slightly fat cat, a woman on the edge and a flip flop wearing Floridian producer join Diego and me for a jam packed season of melodramatic sandwiches and tips from the feathered HQ top.

Please ensure you have your appropriate feather boas at the ready and please make sure no crocs or flip flops are near your perfectly pedicured feet for this world wide premier.

Yours in excited Season 2 feathers,