A Feathered Invitation

Dear 2015 Spring time springers,

Hope this finds you well; full to the brim of 2015 vim and vigor. I wanted to invite you to watch Feathers and Toast on the big screen at a screening at Hollyweb Fest on Friday March 27th, if you fancy popcorn and feathers you can buy tickets here.¬†We’ll also be at the ISA Awards on April 1st, where darling, I am nominated for an award and will also be presenting. There will be a whole shebang following the awards which you are invited to, would love to shake a feathered tail feather with you darling. If you’d like to come details are all here

In April I shall begin a monthly residency with the wonderful Cabaret Versatile, so if Edith Piaf and cancan dancing is up your street we open on April 9th at the Riviera31, Sofitel Beverly Hills.

In the meantime sending you a basketful of spring feathers and good wishes for 2015,


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6 thoughts on “A Feathered Invitation

    • Thank you so so much Bob. Appreciate you watching ever since the beginning, you shall receive champagne at some point v soon!

    • Thank you so much! Wish you could be here too. One day I’ll be able to send for the jet and whip you up and over. X

    • Yes I was a little taken aback as well darling, but I believe it to be the honest truth this time. Although won’t know for certain until I get there. Maybe the red carpet will be blue?…

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