The return of the kale darling

Dear Summer-timers,

Hope this finds you well. Well darling the same cannot be said for me I’m afraid. I have been hauled out of shooting for the next few weeks in order to focus on pre production of season 2 of Feathers and Toast despite a trip yesterday to the hairdressers to enhance my red highlighted hair.

So darling, to be honest, my freckled nose is slightly out of whack as I like to be camera ready and miming my way to you on a weekly basis. One needs a 2 minute mime to cheer one up come rain or shine, I would have thought. But the powers that be have decided otherwise, and as I am only 5ft 3 in stature I cannot tackle them physically; one needs to be reasonable when sizing up the odds of winning such scuffles.

But darling, they cannot prevent us from watching re-runs. In true summer style lets have a few weeks of season one and relive the classic kale moments, tomato squelching and neon fusion cooking in order to best prepare for the imminence of season 2. (please do remember at this point to refrain from wearing crocs while watching)

Pull up your cocktails and un-croc’d feet and settle in for 4 minutes of kale cooking splendor in action,

Yours in re-run feathers,



Tallulah Talks Back Episode 10

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope this finds you and yours extremely well and enjoying the seasonal springtime flowers and whatnot. Please take a moment with your elderflower cocktails and such to watch this weeks episode in which, darling, I make a world wide offer you may just find very extremely hard to refuse.

Yours in the joys of springtime feathers,



5th of December Meme from a Mime…

Dear Feathers and Toast fans,

We are filming today as we speak and are planning to surprise Tallulah with some Christmas inspiration but we need your help! Please share with us, if you were to treat yourself this Holiday season to any guilty please of your choosing, what would if be? We need them quick so get to commenting. The Top 8 picks will be included in a bit we shoot today (make sure to include your name so we know who to credit) And keep it clean, Tallulah is a lady after all.

Yours in feathers,

Team Tallulah