5th of December Meme from a Mime…

Dear Feathers and Toast fans,

We are filming today as we speak and are planning to surprise Tallulah with some Christmas inspiration but we need your help! Please share with us, if you were to treat yourself this Holiday season to any guilty please of your choosing, what would if be? We need them quick so get to commenting. The Top 8 picks will be included in a bit we shoot today (make sure to include your name so we know who to credit) And keep it clean, Tallulah is a lady after all.

Yours in feathers,

Team Tallulah




4 thoughts on “5th of December Meme from a Mime…

    • Fair enough darling. I myself am extremely partial to butter on toast. I just wolfed down a couple of slices as it happens, with a little Bonne Maman jam for good measure. Bon apetit darling, butter and all…

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