Season Two Episode One

Dear October weekenders,

Well darling, after weeks of preparing the moment is upon us. French feathered cancan dancers, a mime from Burbank, a slightly fat cat, a woman on the edge and a flip flop wearing Floridian producer join Diego and me for a jam packed season of melodramatic sandwiches and tips from the feathered HQ top.

Please ensure you have your appropriate feather boas at the ready and please make sure no crocs or flip flops are near your perfectly pedicured feet for this world wide premier.

Yours in excited Season 2 feathers,



August and a dash of neon…

Dear August-ers,

As one flies through the summer months abruptly arriving in August I invite you to watch a fluorescent neoned up to the nines Far Eastern Fusion of miso soup and the all american classic the PB and J. Pull up a deckchair and a bowl of strawberries and cream and while away the next 4 or 5 minutes with a bowing and winking Scottish mime.

Yours in summery bright feathers,



The Spanish Rustic Tomato Salad

Dear summertimers,

To accompany your seasonal picnics why not try a little Spanish salad and nourish your sensual soul while you’re about it darling? Despite Diego’s UN policing, this recipe can be quite a relaxing summer dish to prepare as the sunlight streams into the kitchen and whatnot. Good luck with your drinking coffee mimes and do try not to topple over if you find yourself teetering in high high heels,

Yours in Spanish feathers,



The Return of The Salmon Dance

Dear weekenders,

Hope this finds you well and relaxing somewhere suitably shady (in terms of out of direct sunlight darling, not in terms of possibly dangerous). This weeks return to the classics of Feathers and Toast sees us mastering the one legged swim and the importance of letting go when one cooks fish…and the unimportance of dicing an avocado.


Yours in miming-in-straw-boater-hat-feathers,


The return of the kale darling

Dear Summer-timers,

Hope this finds you well. Well darling the same cannot be said for me I’m afraid. I have been hauled out of shooting for the next few weeks in order to focus on pre production of season 2 of Feathers and Toast despite a trip yesterday to the hairdressers to enhance my red highlighted hair.

So darling, to be honest, my freckled nose is slightly out of whack as I like to be camera ready and miming my way to you on a weekly basis. One needs a 2 minute mime to cheer one up come rain or shine, I would have thought. But the powers that be have decided otherwise, and as I am only 5ft 3 in stature I cannot tackle them physically; one needs to be reasonable when sizing up the odds of winning such scuffles.

But darling, they cannot prevent us from watching re-runs. In true summer style lets have a few weeks of season one and relive the classic kale moments, tomato squelching and neon fusion cooking in order to best prepare for the imminence of season 2. (please do remember at this point to refrain from wearing crocs while watching)

Pull up your cocktails and un-croc’d feet and settle in for 4 minutes of kale cooking splendor in action,

Yours in re-run feathers,



The Ultimate Antidote to the pressures of Modern Life

Dear weekenders,

Darling, lets be frank. Often times we are pushed to our very brink with the level of stress and anxiety which greets us at every twist, turn and waking moment of the day. Fear not however, one does not have to be broken to smithereens. Instead darling, it is, with a little 60 second “time out”, entirely possible to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and simply soften the stressed out blows.

Please watch and learn and let your life return to its gentle merry glory unvexed by whatever storms may come.

Yours in very relaxed feathers,



Very First Ever Review From France Darling

Dear May Spring-timers,

Hope this finds you very well and in all manner of seasonal joyful activities.Today certainly finds me full of all manner of excitement and happiness as darling we have been featured in a wonderful French magazine review. We are on the brink of world wide feathered success, hold onto your boas and click here

In reaction to our review we are changing the release time of Tallulah Talks Back to make it possible to enjoy your croissants in America with your Saturday morning viewing and for the Europeans to enjoy the episode with sherry and whatnot at the beginning of your evenings. So sit tight darling and this Saturday at 10am EST will herald in the next episode of Tallulah Talks Back.

Yours in French Feathers,