Very First Ever Review From France Darling

Dear May Spring-timers,

Hope this finds you very well and in all manner of seasonal joyful activities.Today certainly finds me full of all manner of excitement and happiness as darling we have been featured in a wonderful French magazine review. We are on the brink of world wide feathered success, hold onto your boas and click here

In reaction to our review we are changing the release time of Tallulah Talks Back to make it possible to enjoy your croissants in America with your Saturday morning viewing and for the Europeans to enjoy the episode with sherry and whatnot at the beginning of your evenings. So sit tight darling and this Saturday at 10am EST will herald in the next episode of Tallulah Talks Back.

Yours in French Feathers,


Feathers and Toast to premiere on Tuesday January 28th…

Dear January survivors,

Hope this finds you well and relaxing with some sort of suitable juice or smoothie. I am thrilled to announce that we will be releasing the very first episode of Feathers and Toast on Tuesday January 28th at 10pm EST and the very very first episode of Tallulah Talks Back on Thursday January 30th at 10pm EST.The episodes will be sent quietly and with suitable stealth to your inboxes for your viewing convenience. Please make suitable notes in your diaries in gold pens to remind yourselves to tune in.  In this wonderfully digital age if one is indeed sleeping during those release times, one will be able to access the episodes of course in ones waking hours.

Yours in January Feathers,