Tallulah Talks Back Episode 2

Dear Almost Weekenders,

I hope this finds you with a spring in your serious step and ready for the second ever episode of Tallulah Talks Back. In this episode we tackle Glen Frazier’s issue regarding the hacking into of avocados, Keith Ochsner’s the importance of ‘being the fish’ and Donna Bailey’s relief at the simplicity of my cooking technique in the kitchen. Please take a hold of your cocktail, sit back and for a minute and a half, enjoy a little back chat from The Queen of Your Cuisine.

Yours in Tallulah Talks Back Feathers,



2 thoughts on “Tallulah Talks Back Episode 2

  1. Well, you made my grandchildren’s night on Thursday! My “15 seconds of fame” had them so excited because “Grammy was ‘famous’ now.” They called me, excitedly, after watching “Tallulah Talks Back (2),” to make sure that I had seen it too (I had). More smiles and laughs.

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