World Wide Premiere of Episode 2 of Feathers and Toast…

…hold onto your berets and whatnot and grab your packaged salmon by the hand. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen it is the time in the week when all usual slipper wearing activity ceases and the feathers and pearls can be pulled out of drawers. Please take a moment to dress yourself as glamorously and with as much taste as you can muster before pressing play on this weeks episode.

Yours in Episode 2 Feathers,



6 thoughts on “World Wide Premiere of Episode 2 of Feathers and Toast…

  1. Sorry darling, still in my slippers as I’ve wrenched my back and feeling rather sorry for myself on this wild wet and windy day in Scotland – and then you made me laugh! I smiled immediately when I heard the cheery music, and I love the ease of the recipe. Only thing I worry about is that you are going to spoil your lovely dress. An apron? Or doesn’t Tallulah do aprons? I’m sure there must be one that would add flair to one’s appearance?

    • So sorry to hear of your back issues and would encourage you to hold back on the swimming on one leg until your back returns to its normal flexible self, one doesn’t want to end up totally incapacitated. I appreciate your concern regarding my print dress, it is indeed perilous cooking in such an outfit, but part of that danger does add to the drama of cooking I find. Although, that being said, I am not totally averse to an apron, albeit an apron with a certain amount of flair, bien sur. Yours in get well soon feathers, Tallulah

  2. Fabulous, Darling. Salmon citron avec guacamole! And I see Being One with the Fish is an essential ingredient! And here I am contending with a larder up to the top in kale. Rather hard to move your bits to the drum beat kale puts out, yeah?! (One rather remains rooted to the spot as it were.) Very clever, M. Keep it coming!!!

    • Yes darling I knew someone with your cultural and well travelled background would understand the concept of being at one with the fish. Hope that you can make headway through the kale and that your adventures with the King of the Fishes are successful ones. Yours in feathers, Tallulah

  3. Constant smiles – not only in the moment of watching, but throughout the day whenever a memory of “The Salmon Dance(s)” pops into my mind! You are too much fun to watch. As a counterpoint to your high style, I don’t believe viewers will feel intimidated by your preparation and cooking techniques – which is a GOOD thing.

    • Thank you so much darling. Yes I have made sure my style of chopping won’t intimidate the reticent home cook. In any case, mime and costume should always be adhered to as the more important element in cooking. After all, who ever sees your perfectly diced vegetables? Far more important to look glam as you serve than to have cubes cut to perfection.

      Yours in miming horse riding feathers,


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