Season 2 Episode 3 darling

Dear Post-Halloween-ers,

Hope yesterday was filled to the brim with all manner of pumpkins, ghosts and other such macabre things.Whilst recovering from bobbing from apples, why not discover your inner self and how many mimes it really does take to stew a pot of rhubarb?

Yours in post Halloween Feathers,



Tallulah’s Top 10 Tidbits for The Holidays (Tidbit #2)

Dear Post-Halloweeners,

Welcome to the week following the pumpkins, the treats and the tricks. We are thrilled to continue the series of  ‘Tallulah’s Top Ten Holiday Survival Tips’ with this weeks investigation into how one can counteract a pale, ghostly-like face. In effect, which kitchen staples may in fact restore vim and vigor once more to your visage during these chilly, autumnal climes. So, pick up your mug of hot apple cider, rest ones weary November feet on a pile of crimson colored leaves and indulge in a moment of serious tips from the serious top, direct from the Queen of your cuisine.

Yours in Feathers,




Tallulah’s Top 10 Tidbits for The Holidays (Tidbit #1)

Dear pre-Halloweeners,

Welcome to the day before Jack carves his lantern and you are questioned as to whether or not a trick or a treat is in your near future. We are thrilled to begin the series of Tallulah’s Top Ten Holiday Survival Tips this week; also known as Tallulah’s Tidbits. So, put down your carving knife, pick up your pumpkin muffin and cosy down in your feathered armchair to indulge in a minute of serious tips from the serious Queen of Your Cuisine,

Yours in feathers,



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