2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s holiday meme from a mime…

  1. Sacre bleu! You ‘old in your hands a dog ze exact eemage of my leetle FouFou. The same couleur; the same expression and ze same accent! I know: she ees from Montmatre een Paree. Her grandmozer was een La Resistance and was shot by the Gestapo outside Cafe La Cigale on Boulvard de Rochechouard! C’etais terrible, n’est ce pas? You must return her to me immediatement! Vive la France!

    • Non Msr, je suis desolee mais Lulu est une americain depuis 1962 when her maman emigrated to NY to find une belle vie. So sorry, she often is mistaken for others pets, but please let it go, Lulu is not come of yours. Perhaps bereavement therapy would be helpful for you your family at this time. Courage mon brave and merci for watching, love in feathers, Tallulah

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