World Premiere of Tallulah Talks Back

Dear almost weekenders,

Now that one has sufficiently recovered from the world wide premiere of Feathers and Toast on Tuesday evening, it is with great feathered pleasure that I would like to present Tallulah Talks Back. Please pick up your cocktail and settle in for a 2 minute feathered run down of the weeks events.

Yours in Tallulah Talks Back from Home feathers,



4 thoughts on “World Premiere of Tallulah Talks Back

  1. Thank you Tallulah…while I do appreciate your concern for the glow of my heart chakra, be it bright or be it dim, I have to say that I deal with most concerns about dimness through a daily dose of merlot. A glass a day brightens the dullest chakra I find. I still suggest you keep the kale. I’ll have the extra garlic on my French bread…

    • Right darling, one cannot force one into a kale situation, good luck with the Merlot and bon apetit with your garlic bread and whatnot. Yours in Kale loving feathers, Tallulah

  2. “Tallulah Talks Back” was also delightful!! Double the pleasure, to have “feedback” about Tuesday’s “Feathers & Toast” episode. I was smiling throughout (and laughing appropriately). And I SO appreciate having laughs and smiles added to my days! The closest other thing to French that I have in my life is Mimi’s Cafe, so I headed there so I would have an excuse to say “saison” and “petite” and such, adding to my Tallulah-flavored vocabulary (which previously consisted only of the English word “tidbit”).

    • Thank you so much darling, am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the new Tallulah talks Back show. Also glad to hear that your French is coming on in serious leaps and bounds, long may the wonderful language of love fill your days. Have a wonderful Sunday darling, yours in super bowl feathers, Tallulah

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