World Premiere of Feathers and Toast

Dear World Wide members of the feathered community,

As one is gathered around ones January home fires I would like to formerly invite you to the world wide premiere of the feathered mime extravaganza that is Feathers and Toast Episode One “Kale, Kale, Kale!” What more to add except if you have a boa lying around fling it on and try to look as demure as you possibly can as you settle in to watch, how to prepare kale in a proper Chanel-ed up to the nines fashion.

Yours in feathers,



8 thoughts on “World Premiere of Feathers and Toast

    • Thank you darling!May all your kale cooking going according to plan and may your feathers not droop into the pan in the meantime,

      Yours in feathers,


    • Dear Smiley,

      Thank you so so much for your glowing review. Hope that your adventures with kale are successful and that your feather boas are in good working order,

      Yours in mid week feathers,


  1. Brilliant!
    Just not sold on kale though. However you fix it, it still looks like a particularly unpalatable rabbit food…

    • Thanks so much darling, but fried kale really is exceptional.Perhaps one day you will master the art of fried kale and garlic and your head will be turned to the wonders of this superfood. Until then, good luck with your peas and whatnot.

      Yours in kale loving feathers,


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