Kardashian Christmas Card DIY: How to make your own Selfie

Dear Decemberers,

As the festive season wraps us all in a merry snowy frenzy, one thing burning a hole on your list may well be the holiday greeting card and how to locate and finance a serious photographer for such an occasion. Fear not ladies and quivering gentlemen, sit back with your peppermint infused hot chocolates and watch a step by step guide on how to create ones own selfie; or digital self portrait to those not yet that well versed in text talk.

There will be an opportunity to comment on whether or not my own little seasonal selfie trumps the Kardashian’s winter wonderland photograph after the film, please feel free to throw in your own 2 cents worth. Far be it for me to influence the jury, but a little Santa Hat and good lighting in ones own kitchen seems to me to be the obvious winner.

Yours in photographic seasonal feathers,