The Monty Python Mime Medley…

Dear week before Christmasers,

As your cookies bake and your mistletoe entices the romantics among you, take a moment to sit back and learn a serious party trick or two. I have compiled a little fool proof mime medley which will guarantee your firm place as an in-demand guest at any holiday and indeed any party the year round. Picture the scene-you’re on your own at a buffet table fill to the brim with canopes and what not and your chit chat has gone dry. What to do? I’ll tell you what, resist the reach for the age old question of what your holiday plans are, instead dive head first into the most original chat of the century; Break out your Mime Medley and immediately impress the sausage roll and punch partakers around about you.May I remind you, Chanel was a trendsetter not a follower. Need I say more. There you go darling, a serious festive tip from the seriously festive top. Bottoms up!

Yours in successful party feathers,