We Are Behind The Rabbit (An Artist Profile)

IMG_5909I’m back from Digital Detox. Weee! And there are so many things I want to share with you in regards to insights about stepping away from the computer and about pitching (which is Mhairi and I’s latest adventure) but first I wanted to share our latest interview as it was just released today.

While we were in New York, we sat down with our good friends over at Behind The Rabbit Productions as part of their Artist Profile series, to speak about the inspiration behind Feathers and Toast and what we hope to accomplish with the show. I think they did a great job putting this together and hope you’ll take a look.




Artist Profile Series – Behind The Rabbit Productions

Another minute of Behind The Scenes

Dear Summer-timers,

Why not indulge in another 60 secs of pure unedited Feathers and Toast Behind the Scenes as you sip your lemonades and iced teas and whatnot. In this episode the inspiration behind the show is explained in precise detail, which is clearly something you all have been dying to know.


Yours in heat wave feathers,


One Minute Behind The Scenes

Dear Mid weekers,

Hope this finds you sweltering happily somewhere and that lemonade is not too far off in your future. Just wanted to send you a 1 minute film of behind the scenes to explain what the show is all about and to give you a never before seen insight into Feathers and Toast HQ.


Yours in summery feathers,