Tallulah’s Top 10 Tidbits for the Holidays (Tidbit #4)

Dear Mid weekers and almost Thanksgivingers,

Please take this opportunity to pause your pre holiday week mania, put up your weary pilgrim feet  and take note of a very serious tip from the very serious top; how to properly conduct oneself when ones long lost Vegan relative rocks up the garden path. Now, I am extremely sympathetic to the plight of people determined to survive on vegetation alone, having myself fallen prey to the Netflix documentaries highlighting the worrisome plight of chickens and their eggs, so far be it for me to pass judgement on the non carnivores among us, just simply put, when one expects ones brood to be tucking into roast birds and whatnot, what can one do when a rogue vegan appears? Don’t dismay darling,simply watch on…

Yours in Feathers,