Tallulah Talks Back Valentine’s Day Special

Dear Valentine’s Day Eve survivors,

As you prepare your heart shaped chocolates and bouquets of miniature roses perfumed with Chanel, I urge you to take a moment or two to sit back and enjoy a little seasonal romantic poetry written by Tyler Kent White and read by yours truly in a antique rose feathered boudoir.

Yours in romantic feathers,



5 thoughts on “Tallulah Talks Back Valentine’s Day Special

  1. Love the decorative feather in your hair, Tallulah. Is that from a peacock? Detect a bit of a clutch there in the reading of the love poem; maybe look at Wordsworth’s daffodil poem – I wandered lonely as a cloud – and let your mind soar to new heights. While eating a box of dark chocolates, obviously. xx

    • Yes thank you darling. It is an exotic type pale antique rose feather from an exotic French bird. Yes I often get carried away with romantic verse, as one should, ideally to be honest. One searches for emotion in words and when one finds that one should submit darling. One doesn’t want to bottle these things up, that would lead to all manner of potential diseases.

      Yours in romantic feathers, Tallulah

    • Happy Valentine’s Day darling. Hope you’re being showered with flowers and heart shaped chocolates as we speak…yours in loving Feathers, Tallulah

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