Episode 5 The Infamous Pad Thai Breakdown

Dear February survivors,

It is with great pleasure and mid week fanfare that I bring to you The Infamous Pad Thai Episode. I can’t really add too much to this introduction darling all I will say is one should endeavor at all times to be the eagle (or the hawk in a pinch) but at no times should one reduce oneself to the chicken.
Watch away and all will be revealed…and with that all that remains to say is to please take your lemongrass and your feathers and settle in for the next 6 minutes.

Yours in Far Eastern Feathers,



2 thoughts on “Episode 5 The Infamous Pad Thai Breakdown

    • Thanks darling! Have fun being the eagle and watch out for the menace the chicken. it will hurt your neck to cluck like that through the kitchen thats for sure…yours in feathers, Tallulah

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