Tallulah’s Top Ten Tidbits for getting through the Holidays (tidbit #6)

Dear 1st week of Decemeberers,

I hope that this finds you knee deep in tinsel and all else that glitters and that all is well with your festive worlds. This weeks serious tip from the serious top concerns the ability to chitchat in all manner of tween and teen talk; enabling one to converse at ease with relatives young and old this holiday season. So fluff up your throw pillows and pick up your steaming gingerbread latte and watch and learn the lingo of todays youth,

Yours in yuletide feathers,



Tallulah’s Top 10 Tidbits for the Holidays (Tidbit #3)

Dear Mid Weekers,

The video today might very well stun you into serious mid morning shock, so please prepare yourselves accordingly. Perhaps sit down with a glass of cold ice water or have some mild sedatives at hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I will be going where perhaps no civilized Scottish Mime has gone before; I will be embracing the all new dance sensation…the twerk. Clearly I will be relying heavily upon my tween consultant, Sophster, and although she is a tween of few words, her insight helped me enormously. “One must embrace life and all that is current to avoid slipping into dinosaur territory” I do believe that was said at one time by a serious luminary, so there you go and there I twerk…

Yours in Feathers,