Do The Net Neutrality Shuffle Darling…

Dear Weekenders,

Hope this finds you well and sufficiently happy. I am pleased to announce the release of the very first ever dancing talking mime in support of Net Neutrality. Darling, Net Neutrality is important to support because if the internet becomes a place where you have to pay to play then the independent artists (like us) will yet again lose our right to be heard.

Please support our cause by watching and if so inclined shooting your own Net Neutrality Shuffle video and tweet it to us at: @feathersntoast including #TeamNetNeutrality (To download the song click here and then right click on audio file)

Yours in Team Net Neutrality feathers,



4 thoughts on “Do The Net Neutrality Shuffle Darling…

  1. Very funny! Eef ve could get Vlad and Barrak to do Net Neutrality Shuffle at UN maybe end of stand off over Ukraine – maybe end of Ukraine but certain to be end off stand-off then to teach Talaban and Al Qaeda. Sure to bring smile to faces and plenty laughs in kazbah. Grigor

    • Grigor, I will contact the suitable politicians immediately and see what can be done about Ukraine and whatnot with the shuffle. Thank you for watching and I will keep you posted with the international developments as and when they occur.

      Yours in solidarity feathers,


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