The Third Vlog

Thank you for watching and commenting on last weeks vlog. Amazing how many people share my serious fear of rats. When stopped in traffic the other day I glanced out of the window just in time to watch a rat streak out from under a bush and run, unseen into some grass. I gripped my steering wheel a little tighter and realized that I had by no means hit total zen with the rat phobia thing to be honest. But perhaps I am a little closer to calm. At least my Prius wasn’t subjected to my screaming in abject terror…so progress has been made. Anyway, here is this weeks vlog. Hope you enjoy and let me know how you manage to keep a lid on sweating the small stuff.

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5 thoughts on “The Third Vlog

  1. Well, I’m one who almost never sweats the small stuff. My personality almost defies me the ability to get worked up over things I can’t control. I’ve got a perspective to where I can find humor or innuendo in pretty much any situation! I always try to put those around me at ease! I love the fact that you’re putting yourself on display and letting us see where you pull the inspiration from!

    • Thank you for watching darling and commenting. How kind of you! Feels a little strange to open up so personally online so I really appreciate your words. Glad to hear its possible to not sweat the small stuff, well well done! will try to take a leaf out of your book! X

  2. Loved this vlog Mhairi! It really is about keeping the eye on the goal! What actually happened is you went off to chill out and do something that would take your mind in a different direction and you ended up doing something very different than your original plan… and you actually got help from your brother to help you deal with this new development.

    We do need to chill or try doing or looking at things in a different way… but it helps to have someone close to us (not physically) help us find our way back or actually validate what we are trying to do if we run into a bump in the road. Forging ahead with our goals will certainly result in new and different challenges. How we handle those challenges is the key. If we try to do it all alone… they may seem more insurmountable and much more daunting… but in the back of our mind if we know that there is someone who we can go too… to help us sort it out or validate what we are thinking… that is a huge help along the journey to the goal!

    I try to not sweat the small stuff and do the best I can and keep my eye on the goal, but sometimes given the right small stuff you may learn something about yourself and it may help put the big stuff in better perspective! There is one very key benefit from age and experience and that is there is a developed wisdom that you have in determining what to sweat about and what not too! Bob is right about understanding what you can and cannot control and that really gets easier to see with age!

    Thanks for sharing this experience Mhairi and next time maybe find a safer way to chill! Oh… and don’t forget you made it up to the top! That’s a good sign for other journeys!

    • Yes! Thank you for reminding me that yes I did make it to the top! felt like this vlog ironically came into play all week as I did sweat a lot of small stuff! Even had to laugh as I was making the thumbnail as the illustrator program I was using had a glitch in it and so it was impossible to do the lettering in the way I normally do it. As it was late at night and I was hot and bothered I did lose it for a moment at my computer then laughed as I was trying to get the lettering right for ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ and here I was sweating the small stuff. amazing how hard it can be to learn a lesson sometimes!!

      Yes I love what you wrote about learning something from the small things, I agree. Sometimes you learn something you didn’t know you needed to learn right at the right moment.

      Thank you so much for watching and writing. I hiked this past weekend and didn’t have to scale a mountain so safer way to chill found and executed..although it was extremely hot: 100 degrees so perhaps chill is not the right word to use! X

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