The Second Vlog

Thank you so much for watching and commenting on the 1st vlog darling. Very much enjoying our conversation. Thank you. And without any further ado lets bang on with the next one. Click here to watch video.

11 thoughts on “The Second Vlog

  1. First off, your neck is lovely! Where do I start, Winston Churchill or Tom and Jerry? Seriously, I had worked for one company from the time I was 16 until I was 34 and left to start a new career, needless to say I was scared out of my mind! Not saying it was the best decision I ever made, but I did persevere! Thanks for sharing more of the real you!

    • Aw thanks Bob so much for watching. So pleased my bare neck was not a let down! Yes wow, was your career change completely different? That is a brave and bold move. Did something happen to prompt the change or was it something you always had wanted to do?

  2. I had always wondered what I might do if I encountered an intruder in my home. One morning upon rising, I did my normal thing–headed to the bathroom. Lo and behold–there was someone standing in the bathroom doorway. I let out a war hoop, drew back my fist, and started to deliver the hardest punch that I could muster. Just as I was ready to punch the stranger out, I realized it was me standing in the doorway. (The door is covered by a full length mirror)!! Fortunately I did not shatter the mirror and punch a hole through the door and now I never shut the bathroom door before going to bed.

    • Oh darling that sounds horrific! wow lucky you didn’t cut yourself in your violence! wow though easily done when you are half asleep. So glad you survived! I wonder what an analyst would say about that…almost attacking yourself and such!

  3. Thank you Mhairi for sharing your fear and how you were able to overcome it! The day before you put this vlog out I saw two tweets with images and quotes about fear. I can’t remember or find the second one but the first was a Tony Robbins quote, “Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear”. I think that is apropos here… when we think we can’t bear to endure experiencing our greatest fear… when we do and come out from it being whole and safe and feeling courageous… that is a truly special moment… one that is life affirming and one to celebrate!

    I must still say that even though I have experienced mice and won the battle… not sure I want to do that dance again! Great vlog Mhairi… thank you!

    • wow what a great quote darling thank you. Yes its a little like comedy and tragedy maybe. That comedy comes from the greatest of tragedy, maybe its always a dance between good and bad, light and dark, desire and fear. How interesting. Glad you won the battle with the Mice! I hope you don’t have to repeat it. I was stopped in traffic last night and looked out of the window at the moment a rat scurried out of a bush. I still get a fright so not totally conquered that fear yet to be honest! Thanks again so much for watching and taking the time to write it, Xo

  4. Well done Mhairi! Thank you for the “alien invasion” comment!

    What a great idea to pick dealing with and conquering a fear for a vlog topic! We all have fears and we all need to find a way to overcome them and grow and change from the experience. Fear isn’t always a negative. It can have powerful positive effects too. Fear as a human emotion is our way of keeping ourselves safe in dangerous situations. When a fear of something is overcome it can unlock abilities and emotions that we never knew we had. It can give us more confidence in ourselves to tackle new challenges. I am not speaking of the rats exactly… but even the feelings you had after dealing with them empowered you to know that you could live through the experience.

    Not trying to link our movie again, but when an average human is confronted with an incredibly dangerous and life threatening threat they really can rise to the challenge and surprise themselves and others with what they can accomplish!

    Rodents of all shapes and sizes are my fear. Even though I have dealt with them I too do not want to have to ever again. Love your comment about not abiding them!

    Thanks again Mhairi for a great vlog and for pushing through what could be a fearful process and just taking Tallulah to the next level! Can’t wait!

    • thanks so much darling. Yes I completely agree that fear can be an incredible tool to show you how strong you can be in fact. Its like training for the Olympics, some things are really hard to work through but I believe that they build the biggest muscles and are what will propel you through the finish line in the end.

      Yes I think you can go either way, run from it or full on tackle it. Its surprising though how often we build things up in our mind to be horrific but when in reality the actual thing is not nearly as terrifying. Anticipation can be much more crippling that the actual thing.

      Thank you again so much for watching and looking forward to seeing this play out in your film. Hope that no rodents cross you path in the meantime and have a wonderful rest of your week.

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