The First Vlog darling

Dear mid weekers,

This is it!

Enjoy darling.

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Looking forward to our conversation,

Love Mhairi AKA Tallulah

8 thoughts on “The First Vlog darling

  1. I’m going to take a bath, in a cave, but in a good way! Love it, being in sales we speak about active listening all the time!

    • Oh really darling? Thats interesting. I had never come across that idea before. Yes the bathroom was cave like, but not in the sense of spiders and ghouls and such…in the sense of warmth and things. Felt it was an important distinction to make! Glad you liked it, thanks again for watching and for being apart of the show.

  2. What a wonderful Vlog!!. Made me think a lot about what I do and where I listen as well. I find my self listening and thinking in the shower in the mornings but, then when I get out I for get almost everything I was going to do or have to do…LOL! So, thinking that I may start trying to take a bath/shower at night. Love the way you say, “That it is the end of your day and the beginning of your night”. Never thought of it that way! Also, then I can think about what I an going to wear at night instead of in the morning being undeceive and wasting time in my mornings. I just love your accent and listening to you talk!! xxx

    • Aww darling, thank you so much! What a lovely comment. So glad that it resonated with you. Yes I know what you mean sometimes you think deep thoughts and then forget immediately what they were! Thank you-I do always need to have a bath for that reason, it sort of puts a full stop, a period, at the end of the day and allows me to think other thoughts before bed. I try to read uplifting, biographies and things so I can think higher thoughts and not spend the whole day reacting and going through my to do list.Let me know how you get on if you do start showering/bathing at night! Thanks again so much for watching and for commenting. Just shot this weeks vlog which will be up on Wed, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that one. Xxxx

  3. Loved your first vlog Mhairi! Thank you for sharing yourself with us! Thank you you for bringing such a brilliantly delightful character to life for us! We tweeted together and I mentioned that I listen to my heart best before sleep and upon waking and in that in-between time between sleep and wake. It’s important for everyone to listen to their heart or some could say their soul… because that is where we learn about ourselves. It can save you from making the wrong life changes. We also spoke of being influenced by passion and others passion for what they are doing and that comes through to us… your viewers and supporters. You have such amazing talent and intelligence about your philosophies and humor… but you also have have incredible passion behind this character and the show and it really speaks to us! There is most definitely a difference between Mhairi and Tallulah… but love them both! Well done Mhairi… please keep the conversation going!

    • Thank you so much Heidi for taking the time to watch and comment. Your words mean so much to me, thank you. As Holly and I continue to forge ahead with our dreams, its so important for us to know that we are saying something that is relevant to people! I used to do a lot of stand up comedy and then you could tell immediately whether or not your work was having an impact which is harder to gage when we’re making film. So thank you truly for all that you do for supporting us and other artists.
      I totally agree, its so important to have time to listen to your heart to hear really what the essence of our soul is saying otherwise we may miss our path completely! Yes I also listen as I am waking up, I keep a journal by my bed and write down thoughts which may come to me as I am waking or may also have been in a dream. Its like being a detective to your subconscious mind!
      We just shot this weeks vlog and it will be up on Wed. Thank you again for all your support darling. You are really a diamond.

  4. Brilliant first vlog Mhairi! It’s fun to see/hear the differences between you and Tallulah and to have you share how the character was developed. Your idea of having a conversation with us is delightful! It is also a great plan… well done! We want to see you take Tallulah Darling to TV and having a conversation will help that along! I too am drawn to people who are passionate about doing something that they need and want to do. I listen to our supporters and they really do like being along on the journey with you! Enlisting us in a conversation or just watching the vlogs and reading the blogs takes us on your journey and that makes seeing this amazing show take it the next level that much more special! Will be looking forward to the next vlog! Thank you Mhairi!

    • Thank you so so much darling for taking the time to watch and comment. You do such an incredible job of supporting fellow passionate artists darling, truly you do. Its so essential to feel that one is not simply shouting out into the void. So thank you so much for all that you do. It truly is invaluable. Looking forward to watching your work and seeing you fly higher and higher darling. Thank you again.

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