Tallulah Talks Back Episode 11:Tallulah gets political…

Dear May-Day-ers,

Far be in for me to reign on anyones right to free speech and all but this week I was pushed over the edge and have felt compelled to relinquish my revolution on twitter to pursue the larger goal of defending women’s rights.

Yours in serious feathers,



2 thoughts on “Tallulah Talks Back Episode 11:Tallulah gets political…

  1. You tell ’em Tallule – be the voice of the overworked and underpaid females all over the world! But do be careful on those 5 inch heels. I mean, who’s measuring those heels anyway? Stand on one bare foot rather than teetering precariously. We don’t want to watch an episode of F&T with your leg in traction.
    Yours in sheepskin and gloves.

    • Thanks darling I will speak for us all, mime or not hold onto your feathers and get ready for the revolution, Yours in feathers, Tallulah

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