Our Fans Are The Coolest People on The Planet

Meme_Feb_2The industry is always banging around with that term “what’s your demographic?” They want to know an age range, but our fans can’t be constricted by an age range. What unites our fans is not a particular decade (we have serious fans ranging in age from 12 to 91), or even a particular ethnicity/sex/etc, our fans are united by a shared zest for life, a certain jeux de vie.

Our fans tend to be smart, funny, generous people who look at life and say, “why not add a little bit of play?” People who find it perfectly normal to dance while you’re cooking, to share witty banter with perfect strangers, to actually wear that crazy hat they’ve had sitting in their closet just because its fun. In a black and white world, they are going to add some color, because they know life isn’t meant to be just lived, it’s meant to be enjoyed! Our fans are people who never ever take themselves too seriously, but take fun very seriously.

Which brings me to…

Industry Tip #23

Your fans are your greatest resource. Treat them like the precious gems that they are.

So as we come to the end of this phase of our journey (don’t worry, we are starting a new one) we want to take some time to thank our beautiful, lovely fans. You people are amazing!!! We are continuously blown away by your generosity, support and willingness to play.

Throughout this journey, there has been very little time for us to get down, because every time we might have, you always lifted us right back up.

You have played with us on Twitter. Shared our content with your friends and family. Taken your time to give us heartfelt feedback. Sent us presents! (Diamond encrusted potato mashers, gorgeous hats). You have flown half way around the world to see us. And even offered up your homes to us when we travel. What could be better than that?

Which is why, as we move forward on this journey, Mhairi and I have decided its gonna be all about you. Yes, I will continue to share industry tips, inspirations and breaking news in regards to our journey to a TV deal, but starting now, we will also be sharing all the wonderful things that you are up to, so don’t be surprised if you click on this blog one day only to discover that the whole post is dedicated to you. Thank you for being wonderful you!

And now, without further ado, the final episode of Season 2. The one where Tallulah falls in love with her twitter fans.

4 thoughts on “Our Fans Are The Coolest People on The Planet

  1. “sharing witty banter w/perfect strangers” may well be a nod in my direction but just to say… i don’t share witty banter with strangers… only “perfect” strangers – talullah is a comedy force of nature – she could read my grocery list and have me hanging on every comment – i am very proud to be a ground floor F&T fan and by bantering with my new comedy heroes i am learning a lot about the twitter – perfect, right?

    • Yes that was a nod in your direction Richard. We have had so much fun with you. I can only imagine where this will go, but we feel so fortunate to have you with us along the way. And yes, Tallulah really is a comedy force of nature and our Mhairi behind. This project has been a blessing in so many ways.

  2. You two are MASTERFUL in the way you manage to relate to us, the fans. How you do it and crank out all the new videos and gifs and blogs… How DO you do it?? Would love some ‘time management tips’ in a future communiqué! You’re a bright spot of humor, kindness and even LOVE in a cold medium. Hats off to you both!!

    • Thank you so much darling!You’re so kind. You too are a powerhouse of content and blogs. Time Management tips coming right up, great idea thank you! Will think about it for a Vlog and keep you posted. Thank you so much for your support and watching and reading especially seeing as you are working so hard promoting your own show, its a wonder you have time to breathe let alone watch other peoples work! Love from the Wild West xxx

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