Networking Tips

6 tips on networking darling. Click here to watch the video.

2 thoughts on “Networking Tips

  1. These wonderful vlogs are getting even better and BETTER. And I love your trademark grounded and practical tips. I’ve heard “Decide in advance what you want to get out of an event… exactly who you want to meet, etc” and it does precisely what you suggest: creates total brain and soul freeze. Your genuine and innocent approach is closer to how I want to spend my time in the company of people I’m out to meet. Thanks for this Mhairi. You’re a force of good and a fount of wisdom. xxx

  2. I agree with Anne… these vlogs are getting better and better! I LOVE this vlog! Not only does it have brilliant networking tips, but it shows us so much more about Mhairi; and just like I fell in love with the character Tallulah Grace… we are getting the delightful pleasure of knowing and loving you… Mhairi! Well done Mhairi you are doing a brilliant job with these vlogs while being you… the adorable Scottish mime we have enjoyed so much getting to know!

    I especially appreciate the 6th tip as I feel people do put up an immediate barrier when they look at their phones while in a conversation or in a meeting or any social situation. Love the distinctive piece of clothing or such… as they do provide a topic of conversation and/or an ice breaker! Even though you were not a hat person before you came to LA you are one who wears them so well and I cannot imagine you without one! Also agree with Anne in that you are a force of good and talent! You are also an authentically delightful and adorable lady! Love the advice of getting out of dodge too… very American and it totally works in that situation!

    I am so certain that you are on the right track with these vlogs, Holly’s blogs, the FnT shows, all the extras and going for the pilot for TV! Please keep moving forward even if it gets challenging and know that you have all of us backing you with moral support and cheering you on! I can’t wait to see you make it! Keep up the brilliant work! Thanks Mhairi! 😉

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