How To Carry on

A few thoughts on mountains and not giving up darling. Just incase your January was in need of a boost. Click HERE to watch the video.

2 thoughts on “How To Carry on

  1. Hey, enjoyed that and could visualise you at the crossroads there – reminders of a ‘lost in the jungle’ adventure of several years ago. Made me think about my wrestling with Isaiah 40 – sticking in there with the first verses for a few days – and it suddenly had an application for my own writing and trying to identify the stones in the way and the red herrings and crazy curving paths and what I should be doing in order for God to do ‘his bit’. Hah.

    • Yes! V similar. Seems I have a penchant for getting lost in jungles and mountains…lucky I can look at the sky and work my way out of such potential scrapes. Thank you for watching.

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