Happy New Year darling

Hope that 2016 brings you all manner of wonderful adventures. Have sprung back into vlog life with a thought or two on the importance of believing. To watch the video please click HERE

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year darling

    • Thanks so much Bob! Happy 2016 wishes to you. I hope adventure and wonderful surprises are in store day in day out. Thanks again for watching and for all your support.

  1. Thank you, Darling, for that heart-felt message on Belief. I confess to feeling blue of late, but you’ve rightfully reminded me that attitude affects outcome. And it’s true: We have it inside ourselves to dare greatly. But first we must compose our thoughts and make up our minds. For my own part–through God’s good grace and boundless love–l’ve a list tending toward self-improvement. None of it beyond rationality. All attainable. So begin, I hear you saying, by quelling indecision. That is, begin by resolving to Believe. I shall do so. Oh,…and me? Along with the rest I believe, I truly do believe in you. Now, get back to work saving the world one sandwich at a time!
    Your pal, ko

    • Thank you so much for such an amazing message darling. Although am sorry you’ve got the January Blues. Hope by the time you read this things are on the up and up and the skies are looking bluer. Yes its good to get clear about what you want before you begin it, so you don’t risk not doing what you truly want to be doing. We do have a wildness in our society for just getting on and doing which is great but you first must make sure what it is you want to do and not just doing or being productive for the sake of it. Happy Happy New Year to you darling and thank you so much for watching and for your encouragement.

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