A thought or two about the importance of community darling. To watch the video click here

2 thoughts on “Community

  1. Excellent topic – and perfect illustration as to how beneficial “community” can be. Another fantastic example is a video shown on the nightly news from Paris – at the sight of one of the memorials overflowing with flowers and expressions of Love & support for victims and loved ones of the recent attacks. A small child was with his father – the child was experiencing fear and feeling the need to be armed with guns; however, the father eloquently & so peacefully explained to the child that the flowers were their weapons (a MUST SEE video) ….being surrounded by so much Love and Support….at the end of the interview, the child stated (in French) “Yes, I feel better”.
    PERFECT! : )

    • wow darling thank you for watching and thank you for sharing the story relayed in the video. I’ll try to find it. yes its such a deep human need to feel connected and within a community. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday week. xo

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