7 thoughts on “Thursday’s Meme from a Mime…

    • of course darling. Nut allergy sufferers can enjoy a serious scrambled egg like the rest of us allergy free civilians. bon apetit and thank you for your concern and question.

  1. In old Soviet state all eggs ver free from nuts. Now tings are veree bad. Last veek Olga Stephanovitch had egg wid walnut inside of it! Now whole willage check eggs for nuts.Dis nevar happen under old regime. We say bring back Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, ven hens ver hens and eggs ver eggs! Now whole vorld go nuts.

    • or try peanut butter and jam. To be honest no egg is safe these days, what with GMO’s and whatnots. I say the vegans might have it right on this point. Try crunchy peanut butter on toast in the mornings and see how that clears up any issues with allergies,

      Yours in Feathers, Tallulah

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