Tuesday’s Meme from a Mime…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Meme from a Mime…

  1. I’m with you , Tallulah, and felt like screaming after being on hold for nearly an hour listening to that terrible British Airways soothing music and hoping eventually a real human would answer the phone. Which did eventually happen. But squishing tomatoes is probably better than throttling somebody. Especially looking so glamorous as you squish them. I have to confess I was in shorts.

    • Yes quite darling, am so sorry to hear of your telephone plight and hope your heartbeat has now returned to normal levels. That sort of activity can indeed be maddening to even the most zen amongst us. Well done for not resorting to violence. Perhaps keep a small bowl of tomatoes or grapes near a telephone for squeezing out the stress of any phone call, might be an idea to temper yourself in future. Yours in calm, zen like feathers, Tallulah

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