The World According To Tallulah

Currently in Development

When heartbroken Tallulah Grace reinvents herself as a web cooking show host and inadvertently saves the life of a viewer she becomes convinced she’s found her calling…to save the world one sandwich at a time.

Created by Mhairi Morrison and Holly Payberg, “The World According to Tallulah” is a show within a show, a single cam screwball workplace comedy in the vein of I Love Lucy meets Ab Fab.

For fans of the award winning web series Feathers and Toast you will be happy to know that “The World According to Tallulah” will be an extension rather than a replacement of the show. While Feathers and Toast will remain “Tallulah’s” cooking show on the web and will continue, “The World According to Tallulah” will be a 1/2 hour TV show that dives deep into the personal & professional lives of Tallulah and her crew (Holster, Marge & Diego) and all the shenanigans that goes on before and after the cameras start rolling on their web show.

Video Pitch

-The World According To Tallulah- 2 Minute Pitch from Mhairi Morrison on Vimeo.

Pilot script available upon request.

Direct contact:
Mhairi Morrison
Holly Payberg

Legal Representation:
Ghen Laraya Long

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